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Our singing season is divided into two terms:

September to January – concert performance(s) in late January
February to June – concert performance(s) in May

We accept new members for all sections (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) at the first three rehearsals of each term.  Although there are no auditions, you may be asked to sing for our Music Director for vocal placement.

If you don’t sing but you want to be involved in the community, the Chorus welcomes non-singing members to help at our concerts and fundraising events.







We sing every Wednesday from 7:30 to 9:30 pm (though the first few rehearsals of the term begin at 7:00 pm).  Singers are expected to be on time and participate fully at rehearsal, not missing more than three regular rehearsals per term.  Attendance at extra rehearsals is also part of the commitment; this means you will be expected at two all-day Saturday rehearsals and several sectional rehearsals each term.






Memory Work and Commitment

We sing all concerts off-book which requires the memorization of up to 15 pieces of music each term.  To assist with memorization, all chorus members have access to online music files which include each song with your part highlighted and a second version with all parts.

We also anticipate that all choir members will participate in volunteer committee work throughout the year (5-10 hours per term).  This work can be anything from a small task to chairing a committee.  Can you offer marketing or production advice?  Can you choreograph?  Do you have experience in musical selection, website or graphic design, fundraising, video production?  Do you have professional connections to the local arts community?  All of this and more could be very valuable to the choir, so come on out and bring your talents!  For important information about member expectation, please read this.







All singing members must pay a refundable music deposit of $25.  There is a $50/year membership fee (regardless of when you join) and a $75 fee each term.  Payment plans are available.  Contact our treasurer at to make confidential arrangements.

Location of Harcourt United Church


Where Do I Start?

For more information on joining the chorus or if you would like to become a volunteer, please contact us using the form below.