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Come join the community of singers who call the Rainbow Chorus family and community. All vocal sections and experience levels welcome!

For answers to some commonly asked questions, please check out our FAQ section (see below). Want to be part of the RCWW community as a non-singing member? Check out our Volunteer opportunities (see below).

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2020 – 21 Alternative Plans

RCWW met both virtually and in-person several times in the fall – twice we gathered to sing, at distance and with masks, in the courtyard at Harcourt Church. So much fun singing and seeing each others eyes at least! We also spent an evening caroling in downtown Guelph. Virtually we had a trivia night, a book club discussion, and a virtual social.

RCWW 2021 Schedule: 

Virtual Concert Information 

RCWW is planning to release a virtual concert in this spring! The concert will include some new virtual performances, recordings of past greats and more. You can be involved in one or all of the virtual songs or contribute a story or visual element. Register below today to receive the emails or Facebook posts that will provide all the details of how to get involved! 

Register Today!  Returning and new members welcome!

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When you submit the form you will receive info on how to pay the optional membership fee. We invite people to pay an optional membership fee of $50 in order to help sustain the Chorus’ financial commitments, but please note that all choir activities that will be scheduled this term are open to anyone – you don’t have to pay the membership fee to participate!

We look forward to seeing you soon!


1. Do I have to audition? How do I join? No, you do not have to audition. RCWW welcomes both seasoned and beginner singers. See the Join the Rainbow Chorus section for registration info.

2. Do I have to know how to read music? You do not have to know how to read music to be a member of the choir. RCWW provides vocal audio tracks each term to help you learn your music.

3. I’m not sure what voice part I sing, or my voice has changed from when I sang before. No problem. Talk to our Artistic Director and she will do a vocal exercise with you to determine where you are most comfortable singing and you sound your best. You can change vocal sections in the first few weeks if that helps to find the best fit.

4. Do I have to identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community to join the choir? No. We have many friends, supporters and allies of the queer community who are part of the chorus.

5. What am I committing to if I sing for a term? Rehearsals every Wednesday. Two Saturday afternoon rehearsals (usually 1-5pm) We understand that not everyone can make it to all of these but please try your best to be there. Performances are at the end of the term. Late January and May/June.

6. What happens at rehearsals? We sing! Mostly as a whole choir, but sometimes we have small groups or section rehearsals as part of a weekly rehearsal. We ask people to arrive by 7:15pm to settle in, chat, hang up coats, get your music out to begin promptly at 7:30pm. We have a short break halfway through and we have announcements at 9:20pm. We end at 9:30pm.

7. Do you sing some pieces from memory? Some pieces we sing with music, but yes we do memorize most of our music. Some people feel nervous about that, especially when they first join, but we have tools that to help you learn and memorize the music. Vocal audio tracks for each part are available to download to learn music at home. And the result is great! We have so much connection with our audience and bring movement to some of our pieces. Please note – if you need your music you can use it – we want you to sing!

8. What is the volunteering / fundraising commitment? Every member, both singing and non-singing, is asked to sign up early in the term for a volunteering / fundraising commitment (time, not money) for the term. If we all do a little the responsibility is spread around so no one has to do too much. See the Volunteer Opportunities section below for more info.

9. Is there a minimum age to join the choir? The minimum age to join RCWW is 18 years at the start of the term.

10. Are there all-gender washrooms at the venue? Yes, there are two fully accessible, gender inclusive washrooms on the same floor as our rehearsal space.

11. I need some accommodations for disability. Who do I talk to about that? Talk to our Artistic Director or any of our board members.

12. How do you communicate with choir members? A Facebook closed group – Rainbow Chorus Current Members – info relevant to chorus events and rehearsals and weekly emails – announcements and links to music tracks etc.

13. Does the chorus have social events? Yes – these are all optional, but are fun ways to meet chorus members and get to know each other: pot lucks, games nights, going out after events or concerts. Details are announced at rehearsals, on the closed Facebook group or by email.

*Under normal circumstances these answers apply. Given COVID-19, we will be following alternative plans.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are essential to RCWW! Our committees include the following: Artistic Advisory, Concert Production, Fundraising, Marketing, Internal and External Relations, Grant Writing and Chorus Librarians. This work can be anything from a small task to chairing a committee.  Can you offer marketing or production advice?  Can you choreograph?  Do you have experience in musical selection, website or graphic design, fundraising, video production?  Do you have connections to the local arts community? All of this and more could be very valuable to the choir, so come on out and bring your talents!