Board of Directors

A.J. Ashley – Chair

A.J.’s love for choral music began in high school after participating in various choral groups, vocal training and musical productions. Ten years after high school and pursuing a career in retail management, A.J. joined Rainbow Chorus in 2013 to rekindle his love of choral music. A.J. is thrilled by the great growth in membership, audience and musicality of the chorus in his time on the board and looks forward to seeing continued growth in the coming years. “I can’t wait to see where the chorus will go in the next few years. It’s amazing to see a group of unauditioned vocalists come together and form a great family and community that is able to put together professional grade performances for our audience. Thank-you to everyone whose efforts and support make Rainbow Chorus possible.”

Laura Kinzel – Marketing

Laura joined the chorus in fall of 2002, with a small leave to obtain her black belt in karate.   She moved to Guelph from Windsor, and that first weekend out in the city she attended a Rainbow Chorus concert and after-party, instantly feeling that the chorus was her home and family.  She is also a member of the choir’s Artistic Advisory Committee which researches potential music; she says this is her favourite pastime hobby.  Outside of choir, Laura is a chef and outdoors enthusiast.  Laura has a wide range of university education, from Public Relations and Journalism to Accounting, Sports Nutrition, and Desktop Publishing.  She’s a firm believer in “Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.”  She’s committed to making sure everyone in the chorus is included and having fun.

Judy Steers – Treasurer

Judy joined the chorus in 2012 when she stumbled upon a rehearsal and enthusiastically jumped in the following week!  She sings in the alto or soprano 2 section, and also plays drums and percussion for the chorus.  Judy‘s favourite choir memories are: singing at Unison 2014 in Ottawa, “The Pirate Queen” Gilbert & Sullivan parody in 2013 and any moment when the harmonies are so tight that it reverberates the rafters and feels like magic.  She was on the board from 2013-2016 as Artistic Liaison and chair of Concert Production.  After a year off she was re-elected to the board in 2017 and currently serves as the Treasurer.

Beth Shepard – Secretary

Beth is a lifelong choral music fan who joined RCWW in 2008 after being an audience member at several of its concerts.  She loves seeing people leave a performance – or a rehearsal – with a big smile on.

Bonnie Lesky – Artistic Liaison


Cassie Reid – Fundraising Director

Cassie joined the Rainbow Chorus of Waterloo-Wellington in 2012 after a surprise cry session in the audience during a beautiful rendition of “What a Wonderful World.” This is Cassie’s first experience in organized singing, and she also plays a little classical guitar and a little hockey in her spare time.  She has volunteered in several fundraising roles since joining the choir, and looks forward to the 2017-2018 season as the Fundraising Director on the RCWW Board.

Marley Yott – External Relations

Marley has a longstanding passion for musical performance, having been involved with various choirs and bands since they were a child. They joined the Rainbow Chorus in 2015 to continue nurturing their love of music, and to meet other people within the local queer community. They’re excited to be singing with this amazing group of committed people, and to be in a leadership role within the chorus.

San Williamson – Internal Relations