Board of Directors

A.J. Ashley – Chair

A.J.’s love for choral music began in high school after participating in various choral groups, vocal training and musical productions. Ten years after high school and pursuing a career in retail management, A.J. joined Rainbow Chorus in 2013 to rekindle his love of choral music. A.J. is thrilled by the great growth in membership, audience and musicality of the chorus in his time on the board and looks forward to seeing continued growth in the coming years. “I can’t wait to see where the chorus will go in the next few years. It’s amazing to see a group unauditioned vocalists come together and form a great family and community that is able to put together professional grade performances for our audience. Thank-you to everyone whose efforts and support make Rainbow Chorus possible.”

James Lockhart – Vice Chair & Marketing Director

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Blue Neustifter – Treasurer

Blue joined Rainbow Chorus in spring 2016 and is thrilled to be surrounded by such a wonderful, supportive community. They moved to Guelph in late 2012 with their primary partner and menagerie of animals. Outside of choir, Blue is a statistician, a board game enthusiast, and a loving partner and friend.

Beth Shepard – Secretary

Beth feels proud to be a singing member of Rainbow Chorus and privileged to call it her home.

Artistic Production Director


Fundraising Director


Nicole Hanna – External Relations Director

Nicole lives in Guelph with her fiancée and two dogs. She spends her days constructing and flying homemade kites, singing to birds in pet shops, dancing along to the music in her head and generally walking through the soles of her shoes.

Danielle Workman – Volunteer & Engagement Director

Danielle has a dedicated passion for the arts and chooses to spend her time building community and inclusivity. Danielle has three kids, three dogs and a cat, rounding out her large extended chosen family! In her down time, she can be found shaking her booty or ripping it out at karaoke!