Board of Directors

2019-2020 Board of Directors

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Chair – Judy Steers

Judy has been singing with the chorus since 2011 when she stumbled into a rehearsal and never left. She also plays drums and cello to accompany the choir. Judy works as a program animator at an interfaith/intercultural spiritual centre. Judy’s life these days includes singing, kayaking, creative arts, building community, a goofy golden retriever, whimsy, and refurbishing a new(old) camper with her partner Sarah who is a long-time alto member of the chorus.


Secretary – Geoffrey Metz

Geoffrey only recently returned to choral singing after a 20-year hiatus and has enjoyed finding his singing voice again.  During his leisure time, Geoffrey enjoys getting outside for a hike or experimenting in the kitchen – fermenting various foods, baking bread, reviving old recipes, and generally using his friends as willing test subjects.


Treasurer – Kevin McDonald

Kevin has been associated with Rainbow Chorus in some capacity since May 2014, when he first attended a concert and was completely swept away by the wonderful music and sense of community. He was first a committed groupie, then a non-singing member; then he finally took the plunge to become a singing member in fall 2017. Singing with the chorus has been an amazing experience and he is now wishing to give back more as a board member. He is so appreciative of all the wonderful support and inclusion that happens within this amazing group. When not singing with the RCWW, his other gig is as a mediator for the RCMP. He was previously a military navigator and mediator for almost 30 years. He had just come out shortly before encountering the RCWW at the young age of 55, so his exposure to the Rainbow community has been largely in conjunction with his association with RCWW. He is so grateful for all those who have paved the way and look as this involvement with RCWW as his attempt to pay it back or perhaps to pay it forward.


Concert Production Director – Bonnie Lesky

Bonnie has been with RCWW since 2007 and is an alto.  She’s also been Chair of the Board of Directors, as well as actively involved in Concert Production, Marketing and Artistic Production.   Bonnie loves to sing and prior to joining RCWW, she was a member of the Metropolitan Community Church Choir in Toronto where she sang for several years, in addition to producing a couple of concerts.  Bonnie works in television advertising and juggles her time between her work, her loving partner and family, and other activities.


External Relations Director – Rachael Lake

The External Relations Director works on liaising with the community and outside organizations. Beyond the choir, Rachael works as a lawyer in a Community Legal Clinic, practising disability and employment insurance law. Rachael is fiercely passionate about social justice, political engagement, knitting, and cats.


Fundraising Director – AJ Ashley


Internal Relations Director – Leah Sprague


Marketing Director, Vice Chair – Colleen Lichti

Colleen, an alto, has been part of the RCWW community since 2000. Her love of choral music grew out of singing 4-part harmony in church and continued with high school ensembles and beyond. Colleen’s volunteer roles with the chorus have ranged from button maker to Board Chair. RCWW has been a very important influence in her life, providing support, growth, amazing friends, and the joy of singing and performance. Colleen works in municipal recreation and her other loves include her family, camping, and playing hockey.